A Coruña, June 19-20th 2014

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Call for Papers

The continuous growing of the web makes more important the use Information Retrieval (IR) based tools in order to locate, filter, manage and access the huge amount of information available on internet. Nowadays, there are multiple IR tools which are part of our everyday life so, encouraging and supporting IR research is a key issue to keep on improving this field.

The Spanish Information Retrieval Society (SERI), organizer of this event, has as main goal to support IR in Spain. This conference aims to continue with the work developed on its previous editions and to provide an international forum where researchers from both academia and industry can meet, exchange experiences and present innovative works. CERI welcomes contributions from a wide range of knowledge areas. Specifically, we encourage the participation of not only researchers and professionals from the Computer Science field, but also researchers with background and experience on Documentation, Linguistics, or any other related area to IR.

All scientists interested in IR related fields are welcome to participate. We encourage national and international researchers from both academia and industry to submit original papers, written either in Spanish or English, related to any aspect of IR including, but not limited to the following:

  • IR models
  • Performance, scalability, architectures and efficiency
  • Data structures on IR
  • Web IR
  • IR Quality Evaluation
  • User aspects: interaction, user studies and interfaces
  • Filtering and recommendation systems
  • Structured retrieval (XML, etc.)
  • Semantic search
  • Digital libraries
  • IR in social networks
  • Opinion mining
  • Vandalism detection in the Web, in Wikipedia and opinion spam
  • Detection of pedophilia, stalking and bullying
  • Multimedia retrieval
  • Text mining (classification and clustering)
  • Natural Language Processing in IR
  • Passage Retrieval and Question Answering
  • Multilingual and cross-language IR
  • IR in specific domains (biomedical, patents, law, etc.)
  • Geographical IR
  • Collaborative IR

All accepted works will be published in the conference proceedings book with ISBN, in electronic format, as well as in the website of the conference.

For any questions or comments, please send a message to the e-mail address: ceri2014@udc.es